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Over the years, Valley Bible Fellowship has become Bakersfield’s favorite place to worship. It was only a matter of time before the VBF Worship Team took it to the next level by releasing their very first album. We were able to talk to some of the band members about the recording process, things they experienced, and what/who motivated them to record this album. The band members we interviewed were Nate Hendrick (Drums), Shane Elliott (Vocals and guitar), Karrisa Elliott (Vocals), Chad (Bass), and John Ranger (Vocals and keyboard).


As a worship team, how much thought and prayer went into the making of this album?

Jon: You know, actually, it kind of birthed about a year, year and a half ago with me and Pastor Ron talking about me doing an album for worship and we kind of got this whole idea that we wanted to, you know, once again make Valley known for it’s worship. So we spent about a year just praying about it and thinking about it and trying to come up with the funds and everything and it was just one thing after then next you know God.

Who or what are some of your major influences in recording this album?

Shane: Man, major influences… I grew up in the grunge rock era of the 90′s, so I probably have more of a not so “worshippy” (this is not an actual word) sounding style. But I really love Melodies, and All Sons and Daughters, as well as Ascend the Hill. They are some influences I have. It may seem to come out more vocally than instrumental, even though I would love to write an album that has more of that style and feel.

What is your favorite song on the album and why?

Karrisa: That’s a tough one, I’d have to say “Song of Hope”, not only because my husband sings this one, it’s just so much fun and so full of energy, it’s definitely a roll-down-the-window-and- rock-out-in-the-car kind of song!

What was your favorite part of the recording process?

Chad: Probably just hanging out with everybody… and then I snapped at john one time… just once…

Who’s the biggest diva in the band?
Nate: I can’t comment because he’s in the room…. (laughing). I mean

Jon’s kind of a diva… but you know he’s the brains of the operation soo….

What made you guys want to record an album?

Karrisa: We have been wanting to for awhile, when do musicians not want to record an album? When the opportunity presented itself, we were all stoked and ready to leave our stamp on something influential. Basically we want people to be able to bring VBF worship with them wherever they go. We wanted to bring glory to God most of all!

What was the hardest part of the recording process?

Jon: I think just we all recorded for the most part we wanted it to have a live feel, so we all recorded the instrumentation, besides the electric guitars, in the studio together. So, just making sure we were all in sync and trying to play the right things at the same time.

Was this your first time recording in a studio?

Nate: No I’ve done it quit a few times…. I’m kind of a big deal….. (Laughing).