Sounding off with Karrisa Elliott

new worship music

Karrisa Elliott has been the worship leader at VBF since 2011 and she has been such a light to the worship team ever since she joined. We had the honor to talk more in depth with Karrisa about the newly released single, “My Chains Are Gone.”

What is your favorite part about being a worship leader?

Karrisa: Knowing that I’m living out the calling God has given me. I have so much peace knowing that I’m exactly where God wants me and that’s the best feeling ever. God’s given me a big responsibility, which mean He trusts me with this position, and that’s pretty awesome if you ask me!

How did you decide what songs you were going to sing on the album?

Karrisa: I picked my favorite songs. Simple as that!

The new single, “My Chains Are Gone”, which is your song on the album, what do you think the message is behind that song?

Karrisa: This song has some of the most powerful lyrics. It sums up what Jesus offers us; Freedom and Grace, despite our wickedness. He found us when we were nothing and made us something.

Why do you think that song was chosen to be the single off of the new album?

Karrisa: It’s a song that most people know word for word, but those words never lose their meaning and impact, It speaks truth and you can never hear too much about the Grace of God and the freedom we have in Him